The gold standard of infant feeding is at the breast exclusively for 6 months and then with complementary food to two years. (Or chest feeding if this is not possible)

However, many mother baby dyads have circumstances that make this kind of feeding difficult. Renting a breast pump may help you get back to the gold standard of feeding or enable you to continue feeding your baby breastmilk when you are not together.


For more information on breast pumps and rentals
please contact one of our providers.

Breast Pump Rentals
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Using a rental pump may help:

  • Establish milk supply especially for mothers who have baby in NICU or you are adopting a baby.
  • Increase milk supply.
  • Maintain milk supply for example when you are back at work.

Is a rental pump safe to use?

Rental pumps are closed systems, (or also know as multi-user pumps) in other words breast milk cannot enter the machine.

All the parts that you use that come into contact with breast milk, clip onto the outside of the machine and these parts are not shared between mothers.

You will be required to purchase these parts when you rent a pump.

What are the costs involved?

1. Rental is per week or per month.

2. You will be required to pay a deposit which is returned to you once the pump is returned.

3. The Pumping kit is either single or double - for single or double pumping. Once purchased you keep these parts.

4. Delivery or collection fee may be charged depending on your area and where you rent the pump from- alternatively you can arrange to collect the pump.

Are pumps always available?

If the rental point does not have a pump available they usually would be able to order one and have it within 4 business days or less.